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Stunning colour and much joy at My Crafternoons Workshop

What an amazing thing it is to learn from talented people, evolve techniques and create my own style over several years, then have the pleasure of teaching some of that to others.

The pleasure that the participants expressed at unrolling their ecoprinted bundles at my recent workshop in Hamilton (run in conjunction with the lovely and enthusiastic Stacey from My Crafternoons), was a genuine thrill for me.

The creations of the ten students who shared the day were genuinely beautiful.

They had worked on light airy fine merino wool wraps, layered with upcycled cotton mordant blankets. This meant that each person got several pieces of fabric, each with a different effect, as the wool (protein) and cotton (cellulose) fibres react differently to the plant dyes and mordants used.

The fabrics were printed with various species of eucalyptus, prunus leaves, dyers chamomile (which give startlingly pretty little daisy prints with iron) and a few other bits. The pots simmered and steamed while we talked technique and then trailed through the gardens and trees at HIRL in Hamilton, checking out the native and garden plants that colours (and food) can be coaxed from.

On the reveal there were lovely sharp prints and colours ranging from purples, greens, reds, oranges and soft blues.

The mordant blankets used were simply very light iron / copper form solutions I make myself from iron and copper scraps found on my property (no shortage of either; it was a bit of a mess when I moved in!)

Such beautiful colours and great results from some clever people, all wrapped in a day bathed in sunshine.