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G’day I’m Tine, an artist living sustainably in the beautiful Australian bush, welcome to my studio and home on the internet!

I have a passion for natural, organic fibres from plants and animal fleece, and pairing them with the dyes and patterns provided by nature, to create one-of-a-kind, natural, print fabrics.

Please enjoy my blog below about what I’ve been up to, you can click the About link to learn more about me and what I do, or the Contact link on the menu bar to send me a message, and keep an eye out as I’ll add items for sale to this site over the coming months.


Sheep, and the ways in which they are not what you expect.

This story is about my sheep friends. About how animals, sheep in particular, are so much not what we tend to think they are. And how that can be a fine thing. I love sheep, and their fluff with its unimaginably magical qualities and unimaginable uniqueness. Every. Fleece. Is different. Their soft nibbly noses. Infinite […]

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Sunflower Hill – Finding the Solution in the Problem

  I want to share some of my life in this blog, because that is so intrinsically a part of my work, and what is expressed in my fibre art. The two are the same.   I live on my long narrow 7 acres, ‘Sunflower HIll’, between vast farms of thousands of acres, in Far […]

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May Hvistendahl workshop – the challenge and the magic.

It would certainly be fair to say that I did not really understand what I was letting myself in for upon committing to the rare treat of a workshop with amazing and inspiring Norwegian textile artist May Hvistendahl at Grampians Texture this March. This is largely because while I have done some felting…some…but not that […]

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Stunning colour and much joy at My Crafternoons Workshop

What an amazing thing it is to learn from talented people, evolve techniques and create my own style over several years, then have the pleasure of teaching some of that to others. The pleasure that the participants expressed at unrolling their ecoprinted bundles at my recent workshop in Hamilton (run in conjunction with the lovely […]

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